Swivel chair, Idekuella beige


versatile chair that’s great throughout the home. The elegant and simple design adds an airy and light expression to your home office, dining area or dressing tabl


With its swivel function and adjustable seat, you can easily find a working position that suits you and feels comfy. The chair is also easy to store when not in use since it has no armrests.The practical and comfortable swivel function allows you to easily get up from the desk or makeup table without moving the chair.

Tested for:Β 110 kg
Width:Β 58 cm
Depth:Β 59 cm
Max. height:Β 93 cm
Seat width:Β 43 cm
Seat depth:Β 39 cm
Min. seat height:Β 47 cm
Max. seat height:Β 52 cm




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